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Helping Forests to Flee?

There are few reasons why the whitebark pine has been declared an endangered species. But a warming climate is the worst threat, says this NYT article, and scientists are considering “moving” this population of trees from their home in the Rockies northward in order to save it. The idea is called “assisted migration,” and not all biologists are on board.

Our¬†very idea of a “plant” suggests the inability to pick up and change locations in order to escape threat or find food.¬†Certainly we have moved plants around the planet to suit our needs; we created our own categories of native and invasive species. When we start moving plants to conserve them, do those categories even matter anymore?


Plant People at World Cup Opening Ceremonies

Plant People at World Cup Opening Ceremonies

Animate plants populate the Brasil opening of the FIFA World Cup. That’s pretty mainstream! Click on the photo to see a few more close-ups of the costumes.