Aurel Schmidt’s Human-Fruits and Human-Vegetables

2013 12 19 aurel_schmidt_nipple_cantaloupe-original

Originally from Kamloops, B.C. (Okanagan represent!), New York Mag calls Aurel Schmidt “a cool-kid artist (a 31-year-old messy blonde with Woody Allen glasses) who’s become known for mixed-media pieces that are peppered with everyday objects and painstakingly rendered illustrations that are both girly and perverse.”

This month, in a former bodega in New York, Schmidt has mounted a show called Fruits, drawings of human body parts imagined as parts of plants: a banana penis, a cabbage vagina. The idea isn’t particularly new: one could see this work as simply heavy-handed Georgia O’Keefe, or a pencil crayon reimagining of Lorna Crozier’s “Sex Lives of Vegetables.” Still, the drawings themselves are quite lovely.

What interests me is the emergence of this work, New York art scene’s reception of it, within a trajectory of vision fascinated by urban decay and party burnout. “I don’t feel the work is particularly gendered,” says Schmidt.

2013 12 19 aurel_schmidt_kohlrabi_nose-original


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