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Who Doesn’t Heart Crochet Coral Reef Art?

“The Crochet Coral Reef, a great woolly testimony to living reefs … is the largest participatory science and art project on the planet.”

Here at the Plant Intelligence Project we have a special fondness for corals. Corals are photosynthetic invertebrates that grow in colonies of polyps. Like one of our other fave species, the mimosa pudica (sensitive plant), corals’ grounded motion, asexual reproductivity and photosynthetic existence challenge our taxonomical sense of clear boundary between plant and animal.

And the Crochet Coral Reef is exactly the kind of research art that stirs our branchy hearteries.

The CCR folks now want to do a book. Check out the Kickstarter project and support!


UBC-O Plant Science and Poetics, Unite!


Like individual robots that can walk around independently, but then unite into a bigger, more awesome robot, OR like single trees that grafted together make a two-fruited, single-trunked tree, plant science and poetry profs unite in transdisciplinary wonder in this promotional article about digging the conceptual possibilities that come from considering plant sentience.

Thanks to Paul Marck at UBC-O for including us in his round up of big ideas coming out of our campus.