Plants Do Maths


Plants do a calculation to ensure their starch reserves last until dawn, says new research.

“Plants have a built-in capacity to do maths, which helps them regulate food reserves at night, research suggests.” Here’s the recent BBC article that reports on the research in e-Life journal.

I have just finished up my two-month cross-Canada tour that ended with me presenting a spoken-word piece on memory, commemoration and colonization in Ottawa. I’m a little pooped.

So lazily I’ll let Christina Agapakis muse on the language aspect of these mathematical similes in her blog at Scientific American:

“These are the kinds of metaphors that can lead to some very philosophical deep thoughts about the nature of numbers and the appropriateness of machine metaphors in biology, but perhaps, like Embassytown’s similes, the construction of these models and “circuits” is a prelude to new biological Language.”

Thanks Christina Agapakis!


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