Do Plants Love Metal? Further Study Required


According to Dean Krawchuk, Sarah Hunter, Esther Roy-Cloutier and Bronwyn Berg, who presented at the Plant Intelligence Project’s final exhibit last night, the plant on the right had been exposed to death metal and the one on the left has been exposed to “happy songs.”

Their results are interesting in light of recent comments by UK garden guru Chris Beardshaw, who contends that a bit of Black Sabbath can make for sturdier stems. Classical, he found, made for “slightly more floriferous” plants and those exposed to the stylings of Cliff Richard curled up their leaves and bit it.

But the studies aren’t necessarily contradictory: Black Sabbath doesn’t really qualify as death metal. My students feel they’d need, as the Bradshaw study had, a control group before commenting on the meaning of their work’s results. In any case I’d venture that whether or not a plant digs Sabbath has less to do with its species than with the culture it grew up in.

Three images of the Ecopsychology group presentation at the Plant Intelligence Project
Alternator Gallery, Kelowna April 19 2013 (student artists as listed above).

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