How To Tweet Into the Stream-of-Plant-Consciousness #planthead

This is the invitation I’ve sent to some of my writing students. But anyone is free to tweet to #planthead !

My 260 Creative Writing class is presenting *works-in-progress* tomorrow in a public Celebrate Research Week event called the Plant Intelligence Project at the Fipke Foyer at 11 am. You’re invited to drop by and see what we’re up to!

We are trying out an interactive writing experiment, inspired by angela rawlings’ #gibberese, that will try to make a stream-of-consciousness public poem out of reactions to our work. Will you help? You can help us on-site or remotely.

The event is from 11-noon tomorrow (Thursday 7th). If you are coming to the event, there will be prompts on-site about how to tweet into the poem. If you are off-site, simply watch the stream #planthead to watch what’s going on and jump in with responses to these prompts:

– name ur roots
– use ur favorite herb as a verb
– rite what weeds wd speak if they cd
– give props to the plantprojects (on-site)
or that simply react to what you see in the #planthead stream.

If you’d like to participate in the live stream tomorrow (we’ll see if we can make #planthead trend in BC!) you’ll need to have a twitter account, so that you can tweet lines of automatic writing to #planthead!

So this is a heads-up – if you don’t already have an account – to take a moment to sign up before tomorrow’s event, even under an alias if you wish, to be able to play in the stream in real time.

If you do/will have an account, it will probably be most convenient to tweet from a smartphone (rather than a tablet or laptop) in the space. You may need to make sure you have your smartphone appropriately apped.

There is nonetheless absolutely no obligation on your part to join the massive corporate infotech rhizomonster that is twitter. Just come hear the students drop science. This is a language experiment in subversive plant propaganda, after all.


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